About Promptmaster

We are set to revolutionize AI education, with the vision to be the largest provider in the AI-education landscape. Our knowledge partners at Neuron Solutions are seasoned AI professionals with decades of combined experience.

Leveraging their wealth of knowledge, we aim to create a groundbreaking curriculum that caters to all levels of AI learners.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize AI education, making it accessible, comprehensive, and tailored for learners across all stages. We are committed to fostering an environment of lifelong learning, where the curious minds can nurture their understanding of AI, a technology reshaping our world.

Our goal is to empower individuals with AI knowledge and skills, thereby driving innovation and progress in this ever-evolving field.


On completion of their chosen courses, students receive certificates recognizing their achievements. These certificates are credible endorsements of their AI knowledge and skills, enhancing their career prospects in the burgeoning AI industry.

Affiliate System

To accelerate our growth and reach, we’ve established an affiliate system. Affiliates can promote our courses to their audience and receive a commission on each purchase made via their referral. This strategy will enable us to rapidly scale and reach AI enthusiasts around the globe. Affiliate Terms and Conditions apply.

Job Portal

As part of our holistic approach to AI education, Promptmaster will also serve as a job portal. It will connect learners with employers seeking AI talent for both full-time roles and project-based tasks. This ensures our students not only acquire AI knowledge but also have opportunities to apply their skills in the real world, thus creating a full-circle learning experience.